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Magnification in dentistry

Tooth is a small structure in the body. Root canals are really tiny inside it. For Root Canal treatment, the tiny Root Canals inside the Tooth has to be thoroughly cleaned & filled. With naked eyes to do this procedure is a difficult task. To get it perfectly done, We need some mode of Magnification.

Magnification is used in Medical field like Neuro, Ortho , Plastic surgeries for a long time. As well in Dentistry too Magnification is not new. Currently, to save a lot of tooth structure while doing Root Canals, the best way is to use an ideal Magnification. Ideal is using an Operative Dental Microscope or Dental Loupes .


Advantages of Magnification

When using Magnification we can remove the Infected Dental Tissues from Root Canals exactly .. there by saving a lot of Tooth Structure.

The Strength of the Tooth is increased by this as we leave back the non infected tooth more. So that, the prognosis of the Root Canal Treated Tooth under the  Dental Operative  Microscope is longer than the one treated with the naked eye.

Doing root canals under magnification with loupes or microscope is the most ergonomic [comfortable] position for both the Doctors and the patient. The patient undergoing the root canal is in supine position [back straight with eyes facing the ceiling] so that, the patient is comfortable during and after the procedure.

Using the microscope for the root canal procedure, the Doctor can take pictures and videos of the procedure as well as operate on seeing the television screen. The pictures and videos can be used as a document for further reference as well as for the patients to see after the procedure.

Root canal treatment done under magnification using a microscope is more or less painless as the Doctor can see exactly what He/She is doing during the procedure.

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