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Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry

ToothTown Dental Clinic is specialised in providing cosmetic dental treatment in Coimbatore. We are dedicated to bring your Bright Smile back with the best treatments available.

Getting Rid Of Stains:

  • Simple cleaning (Scaling) and polishing
  • Airpolishing – long standing pan and tobacco stains can be removed with a special equipment called air polisher ( spray of aluminum oxide powder)
  • Bleaching
  • Bonding with tooth colored material (Composite)
  • Laminating with composite or porcelain
  • Crowning

A Charming SMILE Can Open Doors And Knock Down Barriers That Stand Between You And A Fuller, Richer LIFE

Fracture Repair

Treatment varies from simple composite build up to crowning depending upon the extent of fracture.

Closing Gaps

Gaps (diastema) between teeth may be formed due to habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc, missing teeth, extraction of teeth due to decay or gum problem, etc.
Treatment (diastema closure) may be repositioning the teeth with orthodontics or restoring the tooth with tooth colored filling, veneering or crowning depending on the extent.

Tooth Jewellery

These are stick on jewellery on natural tooth. There are multiple designs available in 22 ct yellow and 18 ct white gold. Even white and blue stones are available. It’s a simple process of 10 minutes. There is no damage to the tooth. At any time it can be removed from the tooth easily if not required. Various shapes of jewels available.