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Filling / Restoration of Teeth

Why you need to do a filling?

Fillings are done to stop the progression of the existing dental decay. The decay is excavated from the teeth  and the cavity is restored.


Which filling is good?

Tooth coloured natural looking composite material is the best in the current age.


What is the advantage of Tooth coloured over Silver Fillings ?

Composite Fillings are bonded to the tooth whereas silver fillings are mechanically retained requiring more amount of tooth reduction. Since there is no better seal , over a period of time leakage could occur around the silver filling and secondary decay may form underneath.  This may be unnoticed and lead to pain requiring Root  canal treatment.This is less likely to happen with Composite Fillings as they are bonded. Also tooth structure is much preserved as only the decayed portion is removed.


How long does the filling last?

Though it is less in strength than the Silver Fillings , its properties are closer to our natural teeth. So as the Enamel wears, the filling also wears over a period of 5 years and above depending on the maintenance of oral health. Even then it will require only a top up and no need to replace the entire filling. Moreover at Tooth town we use Rubber dams during the procedure to prevent the water and the materials entering the mouth and saliva doesn’t contaminate the teeth increasing the success rate.


Is there anything that I should avoid eating ?

Since these are light cure Fillings, they set immediately . So You can eat anything as soon as you are out of the clinic and no restrictions of food type


Is it a painful process ?

Depending on the depth of the cavity, few people may have some sensitivity while removing the decay. If so, we will anesthetize with painless cartridge anesthesia, make you comfortable and proceed.