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Prevention is better than cure. That’s why preventive dentistry is given importance. It is a practice of preventing dental issues and keeping your teeth healthy. Moreover when treatment is done for prevention the process is very less traumatic, less expensive and more comfortable with long lasting results…

Problems which can be prevented with early detection
Tooth cavity
Gum disease
Teeth malalignment
Jaw problems
Habit correction
Enamel wear
TMJ pain
Night Grinding

Tooth decay can be prevented by just fluoride gel application and pit and fissure sealants. This plays a pivotal role in kids . We can’t restrict the kids from taking chocolates or sticky foods. Prevention is overemphasized here.

A lot of habits like thumb sucking, Tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, lip biting etc., can lead to improper jaw development or improper tooth alignment which will later require surgery and clip treatment. Simple removable appliances will help us to correct the issue and prevent major problems later.

Though preventive treatment is optional,the benefits are paramount. So we at Tooth town insisit on  a routine dental check up every 6 months, regular teeth cleaning and xrays if required will help us have a healthy mouth.