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Reasons behind Cavities:
There is something called Pits and Fissures which are hollows and grooves present on biting surfaces of teeth. When these pits and fissures are deep enough, they will trap food that is difficult to clean. Since food stay there for longer time, it causes decay and cavities.

How to prevent this?
The Pit and Fissure Sealant plays the role here. It is a liquid filling material which flows into the pits and fissures, seal them, making the cleaning of biting surface easier. Also, there is continuous release of fluoride from the sealants which make the teeth resistant to decay.

Which Teeth should be sealed?
All permanent teeth with deep grooves on biting table (especially Molars and Premolars) should be sealed as soon as they enter into oral cavity and before getting decayed. The permanent teeth erupts between 6-12 years, with the first permanent tooth erupting at the age of 6. The milk teeth can also be sealed to avoid getting decayed from the age of 3.

Apprehensive of Pain?
No need to be. there is no drilling done, its just cleaning and filling the pits and fissures with no discomfort at all. There is no restriction in eating too after the procedure.

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