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Laminate Veneers

Everyone wants their smile to look beautiful and pleasing …
Cosmetic issues of the front teeth are a major mind block for many to achieve their goals in life.

Minor changes to correct small gaps in between the teeth, mild alignment of teeth, change of colour or shape matching to the face and complexion will bring major changes in the smile. This can be brought about by fixing Laminate Veneers.

These are thin shells covering the outer surface of the teeth which brings about a major change in the look and smile.

Advantage of these veneers are …they are only around 0.5 mm thick and they are permanently bonded to the enamel requiring very minimal or even no preparation on the teeth.

They are used to

  1. Close gaps between the teeth
  2. Change the colour and shape of the underlying tooth
  3. Correct the smile line
  4. Correct the unevenly aligned tooth 5. Restore Mild to moderately fractured teeth

They can be made out of Ceramic or composite. Ceramic veneers are more Durable, Strong and does not get stained like natural teeth. So no special maintenance required.

Ceramic Laminate Veneers always stands on top in Cosmetic Dentistry.

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