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Diastema Closure


Diastema is spacing between two teeth. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but most of the time noticeable in the upper front teeth. It is also common in

children aged between 10 to 12 yrs which is a normal phenomenon and no need any intervention. For others, gap between teeth can be embarrassing making you smile more consciously.

Why it occurs?

There are various reasons for midline diastema

  • High labial frenum - a thick fibrous tissue attached in upper lip extends between two front teeth causes spacing
  • Anatomical deformity - a small tooth & big arch
  • Habits - thumb sucking, tongue thrusting
  • Relapse after Orthodontic treatment
  • Gum problem

How can it be corrected?

  • Removing the Etiology gives the best result. Gaps can be closed with
  • Composite restoration
  • Laminates, Veneers or Crowns
  • Removable Appliances / Clips
  • Orthodontic braces
  • Invisible aligners