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Replacing teeth to Restore Form and Function.

Dentures may be Removable or Fixed.


To be removed every day atleast once to clean the dentures, natural teeth and gums. Most of these removable dentures are replaced with Implant supported ones. Only if the patient is not fit for Implants, then these removable dentures will be an option.

Partial dentures: Replacing few teeth.

  • Acrylic Temporary Dentures:
    They are the commonly used ones to temporarily maintain the space for time being after tooth extraction. It can be worn immediately after extraction for two months atleast till the extracted place and tissues settle for a more permanent replacement. It should be worn only for a short time as it will damage the neighbouring teeth.
  • Flexible Dentures:
    Newer are the flexible type dentures. They are very friendly to wear it with ease and comfort for the elderly.
  • Cast partial Dentures:
    The base of the denture is made of metal (chrome – cobalt). It has different designs and versatility with an excellent fit. The tooth and gum regions are made of acrylic.
  • Precision Attachment Dentures:
    There are partly fixed dentures. The tooth are being replaced with the help of making crowns and attachments in the existing teeth that are in a good condition. There will be a socket in the denture which will fit snuggly to the ball attached to the tooth crown.
  • Combination Dentures:
    All these above types of dentures can be combined according to the existing nature of the space available for the tooth replacement and the health of the remaining teeth - to get the best possible results.

Complete (Full) Denture: Replacing all the teeth

It needs around five sittings to fabricate a full denture for the elderly. It is made up of acrylic. There are options for special type of denture base like BPS (Biofunctional Prosthesis System) with an injection moulding technique in the end of fabrication. This type of denture can be done in one visit also. BPS denture is been well known for its perfect fitting.   

Tooth being placed for full dentures can be from acrylic with various size and shade options. Currently, there are very hard teeth available for full dentures which  has maximum grinding life.


Partial or complete, there is no need to be removed by the patient. 

  • Tooth Supported (Bridges)
  • Implant supported crowns and bridges
  • Implant supported dentures