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Painless Anesthesia

Fear of Injection…… No worries….. Get injected without Pain

Everyone in this world has different kinds of Phobia, but the Phobia to injection is common. That too injection inside mouth with soft mucosa is like watching horror movie in a lonely home.

What can we do to overcome this fear? Is there any alternate system/ technology to reduce the injection pain?

Ofcourse yes, The answer is  Cartridge Anesthesia.


Cartridge Anesthesia is nothing but the same dental injection. It contains a Syringe, Cartridge and Needle.

It’s advantages over regular Dental injection is 

  •    The needle gauge is way thin so that the penetrating discomfort is only 1/4th of regular needle
  •    It is sterile & preloaded
  •    Single handed aspiration
  •    Holder is autoclavable
  •    Other system available for painless anesthesia are Dental anesthetic gun, Single tooth Anesthetic system
  •    It is a boon to patients who are afraid of regular dental Injection

Painless Dentistry ….. Happy Smiles


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