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Mouthwash There is no one-rinse-fits-all mouthwash. Depending on what a person is looking for, there is a mouthwash to fit their requirement. Each type of mouthwash targets a different dental concern. It may have both positive effects and few potential drawbacks. Mouthwash can be categorised into Maintenance mouthwash Therapeutic mouthwash Fluoride mouthwash Mouthwashes for gum

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TOOTHBRUSH A toothbrush is a day to day essential. A toothbrush cannot be universal which says one size fits all. Availability of wide range of toothbrush with different shape ,size ,hardness, flexibility, etc., makes us realize the importance to customize as per our needs. Choosing the right toothbrush can

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Keep Your Gums Right To Smile Bright

Healthy Gums ….Gateway to Healthy Life Periodontal [Gum] disease can predispose individuals to several systemic diseases such as Cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Diabetes, adverse Pregnancy outcomes, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Cancer and Gum disease The periodontal bacteria themselves or inflammation due to periodontal disease has effect on other parts of the body, including breast

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Painless Anesthesia

Fear of Injection…… No worries….. Get injected without Pain Everyone in this world has different kinds of Phobia, but the Phobia to injection is common. That too injection inside mouth with soft mucosa is like watching horror movie in a lonely home. What can we do to overcome this fear? Is there any alternate system/

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Importance of Milk Teeth

Importance of milk tooth We generally hear people saying if there are cavities in milk tooth…so what…it can be ignored as they are going to fall off…let me tell you something… if God has created something definitely it would have a purpose ..so we should save the milk tooth till its life….there are many reasons

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