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Importance of Milk Teeth

Importance of milk tooth

We generally hear people saying if there are cavities in milk tooth…so what…it can be ignored as they are going to fall off…let me tell you something… if God has created something definitely it would have a purpose ..so we should save the milk tooth till its life….there are many reasons why we should take care of or save the milk tooth until it’s job is done. Milk tooth plays a vital role in development of the jaws, pronunciation, speech, chewing and so on….

If the front teeth are all decayed and damaged which happens usually with prolonged bottle feeding, the pronunciation which will be affected. Not only pronunciation the child will have hinderness towards social interactions. This will affect their confidence and self esteem.This is very important during the growing period.
If the back teeth are damaged and we don’t restore it, chewing will not be efficient which will in turn affect digestion and can cause nutritional deficiencies. Further with pain, the child will not be able to concentrate or perform to their efficacy.

So the damaged tooth has to be restored in any case as they act as a natural space maintainer. If the milk tooth has been removed early than its life, there are more chances of the neighboring teeth to drift into this space and block the way and the underlying permanent teeth can’t find room to come in. This will make the permanent tooth erupt in different positions making the teeth crooked and mal aligned. When we mess up with nature, then this will necessitate clip treatment later.

There is a lot of preventive measures too available to protect the teeth from getting damaged…Let’s meet the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts so that they can teach you how to clean and maintain the milk teeth.
So if we take care of the milk teeth, They will take care of our child…

The smile of our children is precious…let’s preserve them.


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