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OIL PULLING-Myth and Reality


Oil pulling means swishing  oil in the mouth. This is an ancient procedure involving using a tablespoon of oil and swishing through out the teeth and mouth for 10-15 mins.

They believed it whitens tooth, reduces cavities, bad breath, gum inflammation by killing the bacteria and improves  dental and overall  health by drawing out toxins from our body.

Why Oil pulling alone is not recommended??

The Oil pulling had lots of benefits but the risk over weighs the benefits. Only few Scientific studies support oil pulling. They might have too many drawbacks.

Dental problems:

      • Increased cavities:

People generally use this method to get rid of cavities but most of the time these people have got more chances of getting cavities. This is because they use oil pulling as an alternative to brushing, where plaque and debris cannot be removed effectively. Thereforth, they have higher incidence of caries risk.

      • Gum Inflammation:

Since there is higher incidence of   plaque and  calculus,  chances of    getting gum inflammation is more.

  • Jaw stiffness:

Swishing oil in the mouth for 15 mins causes jaw muscles and ligaments to stretch, resulting in pain and stiffness.
It may also have the following:

  • Excessive dryness of mouth
  • Increased thirst-body becomes dehydrated
  • Nausea, Vomiting, Upset stomach, Stomach cramps
  • Loss of taste
  • Lipoid Pneumonia- When the person do not know the correct technique for oil pulling , they engulf oil with bacteria and toxin which enter lungs causing problem.

Oil pulling has got its own benefits and drawbacks.There is no scientific evidence that tell us to use oil pulling or not.By knowing both benefits and side effects, doing oil pulling is self dependent. But don’t use Oil pulling as an alternative to brushing and other oral hygiene.

“Even a Superman or Tooth Fairy needs Brushing”





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