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Permanent Teeth Falling Out in Children – Tooth Avulsion

Hello all…I just want to make you aware of what to do when a tooth falls out?
This happens mostly among children particularly in school where they just keep running around, suddenly slip, hit a desk or hit a peer and the tooth falls off….

If it’s a milk tooth then there is no issue. But if it is a permanent tooth, then immediate attention is required. Otherwise the child will have an artificial tooth for their lifetime..

Avulsion Management:
There is the procedure called replantation… that is you can place the tooth back into your mouth.

Point to Note:
One important thing is how you carry the fallen tooth to your dentist… that will decide the success of the treatment. Mostly the mistake what we do is when the tooth Falls off, we take it, wash it, wrap it in a tissue and then bring to a dentist …If that happens, then that tooth is of no use…. The best way to store the tooth is Hanks balanced salt solution but that will not be available with us handy. So we can use Milk or the person’s own saliva. They can spit the Saliva into a container and put the tooth inside that and then you have to see the dentist within half an hour….

The more earlier you go the prognosis will be much better…. The more you delay the chances of the tooth getting attached becomes less …

Accidents can happen but tooth loss need not be…..


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