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Why Rubber Dam is important in Dentistry?

What is Rubber Dam ?
It’s a rubber or nitrile protective sheet used as a shield by the Dentist to isolate one or more teeth  while doing Restorative ( fillings,  Root canal ) procedures.but most importantly, the rubber dam also keeps bacteria and saliva far from the treatment area to prevent infection and contamination.

Can a Dentist do a Root Canal without a Rubber Dam ?
One of the primary objectives of endodontic treatment (RCT) is disinfection of the root canal System. The rubber dam keeps bacteria and saliva far from the treatment area to prevent infection and contamination.. It gives comfort, safety to the patient and better prognosis of the treatment.When using Rubber Dam ..the advantage is the  dentist can never hurt you.  There is no need for us to pull your cheeks, tongue or  use a mouth mirror and suction contacting ur mouth. The major issues the patient’s face is when the suction keeps pricking the soft tissues and sometimes when it touches the back side of the throat it induces gagging. All these are avoided with the use of these sheets .Also  during treatment you need not experience the the bitter taste of the materials which your dentist use during root canal treatment or filling .

Coming to protection your dentist use a lot of smaller instruments especially during root canal treatment. there are chances the instrument can slip and create a medical emergency. With the use of rubber dams we need not worry about that. Also lot of antibiotic solution and saline water sprays  used during the treatment can never enter inside the mouth and also saliva from inside the mouth cannot contact the tooth contaminating it . Especially while doing fillings preventing the contamination of saliva will increase the success rate of the treatment.

For a classy safe and successful Root Canal Treatment opt for Rubber dams.In Tooth Town we Dentist do not do Endodontics ( RCT)without a dam.


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