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Pregnancy & Dentistry


Its time to SMILE also time to pay ATTENTION to Your TEETH for the health of YOU and Your BABY

Dental check up before, during and after pregnancy is very important. Infection in mouth can enter the bloodstream and can impact the baby. Dental pain and swelling are difficult to manage without higher medication. If Pre pregnant dental check up and proper oral hygiene is maintained then there is less chances of having dental issues during pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes which in turn affects the gums. It also brings about changes in the salivary nature. Tooth decay also progresses faster during pregnancy and lactation due to sticky saliva, craving for sugary foods and frequent intake of food. Frequent vomiting also affects the teeth. Gum infection increases the risk of low birth weight and preterm babies. So a routine dental cleaning is a must during the second trimester.

Necessary dental treatment can be done any time during pregnancy. Elective procedures can be postponed. With proper dental hygiene at home and professional help from your dentist, your teeth will stay healthy during pregnancy.


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