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Tongue Tie

Overcoming Adversity In Minutes

Tongue Tie Release

Tongue tie in Newborn may be an issue for effective breast feeding. Milk supply is replenished and increased by vigorous sucking by the baby. The baby should be able to protrude the tongue forward to protect the nipple and take mouthful of the breast. This stimulates the nipple pointing it to the baby’s throat and empty a breast in 15 minutes. Babies with Tongue tie cannot suck milk correctly. There is no proper latching causing nipple injury, leading to eventual failure of breast feeding.

In infants and toddlers,Tongue tie might interfere with pronunciation. Children will have difficulty in pronouncing”T,D,N,L,R”etc.

Tongue ties can be released using Lasers. This does not require general anesthesia. No bleeding and No sutures. Procedure can be done under topical in few minutes,drastically improving the sucking,pronunciation with almost nil post-operative discomfort. Procedure can be done without admitting in the hospital.





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