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A toothbrush is a day to day essential. A toothbrush cannot be universal which says one size fits all. Availability of wide range of toothbrush with different shape ,size ,hardness, flexibility, etc., makes us realize the importance to customize as per our needs. Choosing the right toothbrush can greatly improve your oral hygiene . So, when time comes to buy your next one, look for a toothbrush  that meets the following criteria.


Never choose a toothbrush relying on the cost, color and designs. Always consider the size, shape of the head, handle, firmness of the bristles, etc.

What to look for?

  1. Size of the brush head
  2. Type of bristles
  3. Shape of bristles

Size of the brush head :

Generally tooth brushes vary  in size, designs, length and arrangement of bristles as well as in hardness. To overcome this variation ADA given specification  of toothbrushes. If you use an inappropriate brush it will hurt the baby’s mouth. So the baby wont let you brush next time.

According to age :

Type of bristles :

  1. The bristles should be selected based on 3 factors – Materials, diameter and length.
  2. Nylon multilayer bristles are generally recommended.
  3. Bristles available are soft, medium and hard                                                                                                                            If the gums are normal and healthy then soft or medium bristles to be used.                                                                  Hard bristles are not recommended as it may injure the gums. Also, it may be too abrasive for use on the            sides of your teeth. It may to contribute to gum recession.                                                                                                  Ultra and super soft bristles are recommended only after oral surgery.
    The firmness also depends upon the number of bristles in a tuft.

Shape of bristles : Round / Straight available.

Round bristles preferred.


After brushing your teeth, wash your brush thoroughly in water to clean any debris like food particles /toothpaste from the bristles.

Toothbrush should not be covered by a cap. It should be kept in an open air. It should be kept minimum 6 feet away from the commode.


Though we don’t dispose our toothbrush because of its multipurpose use , its primary function of cleaning the teeth should last only for 30-45 days.

Permanently distorted or bent bristles of toothbrush should be discarded as it might  injure the gums.

Bristles colour change indicates disposal.

Also important to change toothbrushes after you have cold or fever .

The Most important factor is brush for the recommended 2mins, twice per day with the proper technique .  At your regular visit to your dentist don’t forgot to get their suggestion.

Hope …
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Choosing a Toothbrush
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