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Fond of Aerated Drinks ????

Fond of Aerated Drinks ???? Are you a regular consumer ???         “Danger on your way” You are prone to ill effects on teeth (teeth wear, cavities, unsightly appearance) affecting your beautiful Smile. What happens? When you drink Soda, the sugars it contain interact with  bacteria in your mouth to form acid.

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Tooth Jewellery

TOOTH JEWELLERY Dental Procedures have extended beyond corrective purposes and now helps in embellishing one’s smile. With advancements in all aspects, dentistry now provides safe & great methods to beautify your teeth with sparkling stones. Tooth jewels – crystal stones, can now be stuck to one’s teeth with no complication and also removed when needed.

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Pregnancy & Dentistry

ARE YOU PREGNANT? Its time to SMILE also time to pay ATTENTION to Your TEETH for the health of YOU and Your BABY Dental check up before, during and after pregnancy is very important. Infection in mouth can enter the bloodstream and can impact the baby. Dental pain and swelling are difficult to manage without

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Tongue Tie

Overcoming Adversity In Minutes Tongue Tie Release Tongue tie in Newborn may be an issue for effective breast feeding. Milk supply is replenished and increased by vigorous sucking by the baby. The baby should be able to protrude the tongue forward to protect the nipple and take mouthful of the breast. This stimulates the nipple

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