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Mouth Breathing-Open invitation for Germs and Dust

Are you a Mouth Breather?? Mouth Breathing is breathing through the mouth instead of nose even during rest. When it is normal?? When nose is congested due to cold, allergy or after strenuous exercise where mouth breathing provides faster oxygen. Reasons for mouth breathing: 1.Obstructive Nasal Congestion Enlarged tonsil and adenoids Nasal polyps 2.Anatomic Short

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I SCREAM U SCREAM AND YOUR TEETH SCREAM FOR ICECREAM Ice-cream is a delicious, wholesome, nutritious frozen diary product loved by children. Even though ice-cream has sweetening and flavoring agents it has some nutritional significance too. Yes, probiotic icecreams – a treat to chubby cheeks. PROBIOTICS are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for

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kruk !! kruk !! …….Breaking Silent Peaceful Nights Most people probably grind and clench their teeth during sleep from time to time. Teeth grinding or Bruxism, when occasional, does not usually cause harm but when teeth grinding occurs on a regular basis, the teeth can be damaged and other complications can arise. Bruxism in children, believe it or not, is rather common. The problem of teeth grinding

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Saliva – A Natural Mothwash to keep your teeth strong

SALIVA…. A NATURAL MOUTH WASH !! Teeth and Gums are naturally protected by Saliva from Dental Caries and Gum Diseases. Salivary PH has a acid-neutralizing power which helps to prevent tooth cavities .It has Calcium and Phosphorous as content with Immunoglobulins(antibodies) giving natural immunity. Saliva has got Antibacterial and Anti-infectious properties mostly ascribed to substances

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Dark Chocolate – Real Happiness

 A SUPER FOOD FOR YOUR TEETH……Dark Chocolate Chocolate can actually be good for your teeth. Not every kind of chocolate is a dental dynamite. Dark chocolates are healthiest option than white chocolates and milk chocolates. They are made of 70% cocoa beans which contains tannins, polyphenols , flavonoids,theobromine each of which is a strong antioxidant. ANTIOXIDANTS

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Enjoy Chocolates …. DENTIST SAYS !!! Here comes the way to prevent your Child’s teeth from getting decayed -” Pit and Fissure Sealants”. Reasons behind Cavities: There is something called Pits and Fissures which are hollows and grooves present on biting surfaces of teeth. When these pits and fissures are deep enough, they will trap

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Fond of Aerated Drinks ????

Fond of Aerated Drinks ???? Are you a regular consumer ???         “Danger on your way” You are prone to ill effects on teeth (teeth wear, cavities, unsightly appearance) affecting your beautiful Smile. What happens? When you drink Soda, the sugars it contain interact with  bacteria in your mouth to form acid.

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Tooth Jewellery

TOOTH JEWELLERY Dental Procedures have extended beyond corrective purposes and now helps in embellishing one’s smile. With advancements in all aspects, dentistry now provides safe & great methods to beautify your teeth with sparkling stones. Tooth jewels – crystal stones, can now be stuck to one’s teeth with no complication and also removed when needed.

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